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Protection of Public Schools
* Nature of target
The goal is construction so the situation is complicated security guards must have high professional standards , to solve a lot of situations that may occur in the target .
Duties of the position , often 3 main locations , the main gates , towers , patrol
I - MAIN position
This is the most important position in the guard position at the target site , this position is responsible for the following:
1 . For guests
a. When out on the field
Ask client name agencies work purposes to meet anyone .
Contact by phone or walkie-talkie to alert people inside need to see a welcome , if not appointment , they must have the consent of the people that need met .
Remember someone's name , company name , now living in the book to the visitors out into ( paper check or personal referral )
Guest card for visitors and labor protection instruments as cellophane paper hat .
Register for valuable items , customers in the target indication
b . Once out of school
Check the customer 's bag .
Check items carry out ( if any) have the right to carry out written permission of the managing unit ( must be signed by the authorized person ) .
Collect items were delivered to customers .
Recommendations visitors recorded in the book and sign up now .
2 . For workers
a. As in :
Check cards , hats and other protective equipment .
Check the correct costume at the request of the managing unit .
To register valuable items .
Workers entered, to investigate short list allows the managing unit .
b . When out :
All workers must remove his hat to each person in turn .
Carefully checked bags, carry collate material dug out , checks or properly registered as such in the paper to the right of managing units , in addition to not carry out any object whatsoever .
Protect carefully check the front, side , paper , vacuum tube .
Note: The date, time , number , type, signature ... in the paper for the port .
3 . For vehicles
a. when in
To stop at the gate , the driver must present papers , vehicle registration name , what to bring , now on to the window to notify the person responsible for managing the unit's welcome .
For registration drive valuable items for comparison when the
Check out the full vehicle target conditions ( eg appropriate height , the car is too big . )
Open the gate to the car on .
b . when the
Stopping at the gate , the driver must be on guard now recorded and registered in the register .
Drivers must produce documents relating to the goods brought out.
Protection must check and compare with the actual carrying out match the bill or not , and the signature of votes
Note: Type , quantity , quality , number , date, time and signature of the managing unit .
Be careful inspection of the truck, the chassis , the car and the car cabin .
Do not settle for goods not permit to carry out ( discharge papers must be signed by the managing unit ) .
Open the gate to the car .
4 . For equipment and materials
a. As in :
Check invoices , type, number , code number .
Contact the relevant person in charge of the pickup unit .
Recorded in the register of materials .
Note: Goods brought into the goal should be checked carefully , noting if the NVL flammable security personnel to advise clients working fire .
b . When out :
Check invoices, warehousing signed by the managing unit
After checking invoices security guards conducted on the actual test .
NOTE: Catalog numbers , quantity and quality of signatures .
Archives bills , paper and paper warehouse of port management unit .
5 . For the staff at
All employees must comply with the rules of the school.
6 . Some other duties of personnel at the main gate .
Manage phone , keys .
Explain guidelines for living out the issues on .
Management equipment , clean records , all precisely arranged neatly science .
Grasp the situation and report to the competent person when they need to know .
Keeping the communication , coordination with other positions .
Handing closely for the next shift .
Manage postal mail , courier , if any .
II - LOCATION patrol
Patrol assigned areas , detection , arrest , make a record of who violate the rules of the school.
Detect, prevent destructive behavior , workplace safety violations .
Detection of fire incidents , fire machines .
Check the engine fire prevention and fire alarm systems to ensure the incident will give the highest efficiency .
Check the lock of windows , doors .
Check the electrical equipment used for safety , especially fire .
Must bring the proper tools when on patrol , such as flashlights , radios , batons .
Monitoring and control of the work area , noting the monitoring area that is not dangerous to people not authorized to be on .
Using the means of communication to coordinate work with the different positions .
Patrol records meticulously careful attention specify the number of workers , of any company , do they work? What to do ? time how long .
Be aware of the purpose and nature of the strength of the workers at the target .
Knowing the expensive equipment , easy to lose .
The trick to steal workers .
Knowing the personality of each management unit .
Aware of the difficulties in goal , the dangerous area .
Understand the law and order situation of the area around the target .