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Supermarket - commercial centers often have very busy shopping and thus criminals could easily blend into the crowd in order to carry out the theft .
Besides the objects in the target customer in every class with different levels of learning , including foreigners and therefore must be protected employee flexibility , flexibility in work operations agile working style polite .
To meet the above criteria , customers are looking to protect 1 Complete Vietnamese company with a team of security personnel with high professional qualifications of the professional working style .
The location is usually :
Administrative port on the Trade Center
Ports for clients
Freight forwarding in warehouse
1 / Sign Up
Professional security personnel to make sure that everyone ( employees of supplier marketing companies provide services , seasonal workers , visitors to contact work ) before entering TRADE CENTER - sUPERMARKET , office procedures must be registered in protection, and must be approved by the Board of Directors supermarket or relevant responsible person .
At the main office , the security guard is responsible for the registration procedures ( your company name and contact person to work ) and visiting cards or work on a concierge in the main office or CENTER TRADE - SUPERMARKET follow the entrance of employees.
Security guards to keep personal papers such as The referral , driving license . In recognition of the essential information and must be recorded on the contact time work , job content , leave now TRADE CENTER - SUPERMARKET .
a) Visitors to contact work
Security guard to contact the office , having parts that need work contact , notify the relevant department customer name , company name and address of the client company . Security guard found a visitor's pass and guide customers to the relevant departments that customers contact , or invite guests to sit and wait for the person responsible for customer related guide .
b ) The contractor company providing services
Protect require contractors to produce a work permit to be directed to the workplace to protect employees must record the name of the company employees of companies that provide services , the company provides service time work , then card " subcontractor " to protect staff , technical staff supermarkets will go along with contractor staff to work, while receiving the contractors perform their work , security guard must be present to supervise and to check and record all instruments , tools and equipment of the contractor employees before they are allowed to work as well as when they left the supermarket .
c ) Employees marketing provider
The list of staff along with the marketing providers must be approved by the Director supermarket administrative protection at the gateway , keep employee ID cards and marketing staff marketing name for the end of days the guards will recover and return ID card for marketing staff .
Any changes ( on working hours , sick leave , termination of the contract , the new replacement ) for additional personnel or extend the program to work , promotion must be updated timely and for BOM Manager security department stores .
Marketing staff , vendors required to wear uniforms of the respective suppliers and uniforms must be approved supermarket , marketing staff are not allowed to use the storage room of the store clerks , if marketing personnel not wearing prescribed or non- table name , or undocumented individuals will not be allowed to work at the supermarket .
Explosives , radioactive materials , etc. ... no weapons allowed in supermarkets .
Protection at the port administration shall:
Swipe the card check , employee uniforms at the supermarket when they ( staff must bring shoes , not slippers bearing ) .
If employees do not wear uniforms regulations do not carry badges will not be allowed to work at the supermarket .
Manage personal items consigned by the staff at the port administration .
Individuals are not allowed in the supermarket will not deposit personal items at the port administration .
Guiding visitors and contact work with the departments concerned .
Make sure the rules and regulations of protected supermarkets adhered to .
Recognition accuracy and completeness of information on shift handover book .
Recognition full time staff finally left the supermarket supermarket supermarket hour door lock , door lock supermarket staff .
When there is an alarm or unusual incidents , personnel security services company on a mission to find out the cause and inform the Head of supermarket security , group management industry in ca directly or police .
All individuals leaving the supermarket who must be tested as prescribed to prevent the goods and property of supermarket supermarket brought out without the consent of the person responsible for the discovery any cheating , security guards must be recorded incident immediately , customers or clerks are required to produce pouches, wallets and mobile phones to facilitate inspection .
Ask customers or employees supermarket produce pouches, wallets , personal items , cell phone and open the bag check .
Check out the shoulder to the waist .
Check out from the hip down to your ankles .
Check out the back .
3 / Stamping property and goods checked out port license
a) Stamping goods , assets
Goods " internal consumption " will be the security guard checked the port administration , security guards must be checked against the actual quantity versus purchase invoices and " vote buying local requirements " on the item number and types of goods , product code , price , and signature of the responsible person .
After the inspection , protection must certify on all ( check local purchase requirements ) will be protected storage, end of the day all related documents will be forwarded to the department supermarket cashier .
b ) permit the port
Permit the port was created to :
Protecting your assets is a temporary supermarket supermarket carries out ( to fix , go to a different supermarket ) .
Samples for capturing , customer references ( especially for restaurants , hotels ) .
Assets of vendors carry out supermarket
Permits are usually out port 3 link :
First Contact : protected storage
Joint second part , related industry .
Union Tuesday : Board of Directors supermarket
Protection of professional responsibility to check and compare the signature on the Board of Directors supermarket vouchers compared with specimen signatures before allowed goods from supermarkets .
Weekly reports must be made to protect the aggregate level cases ( pending ) This synthesis report submitted to the Board of Directors supermarket .
Protection must hand over all relevant documents to ( the port license ) of the cases ( solved ) for supermarket security check .
Note: All goods brought from supermarkets have valid papers , gate guards are responsible administratively checked against the signature of the head of department and the relevant departments and the Board of Directors supermarket .
Behavior of security guards to be fast polite when customers into supermarkets .
Be polite affable agility invite customers into supermarkets
Note attitudes and gestures of customers walking out of the visitors from the start and know how to distinguish the type of customer .
 To prevent theft tea crooks to steal goods in supermarket
Regularly monitor the movements of security and order in and outside the supermarket .
Guide for visitors to the stalls need to buy .
For customer complaints about merchandise , promotional concierge contact sales department for resolution.
Security guard on duty doors contact the nearest patrol guard checking people perform when needed .
Maintain communication with other positions .
Professional security personnel responsible for the area to maintain security in the area , not arbitrarily change position without the consent of the chief or shift commander .
Observe and prevent supermarket staff or customers to exchange goods .
Remind clients to abide by the rules does not sit on trolleys , smoking in supermarkets .
Subscribe to observe objects exhibit questionable , notify the chief or shift commander .
Observe the position adjacent surrounding his position in charge .
For customers in the supermarket food security guards require customers to pay immediately used goods , at the cashier , security guards will take volumes left with the bill sent back cashier , if the goods have been used up, the security guard will carry the bill for security guards at the entrance .
For goods breakage due to customer , customer request payment at the cashier , if the employee's fault commodity security guards will make records management requirements verification industry group clarified .
When customers discovered peeled , packaging goods , personnel protection requirements customers pay some of this merchandise .
Detection of supermarket employees , temporary workers do not wear no uniform identification , or eating in supermarkets, security guards make records for supermarket security .
Upon detection of goods on shelves arranged unsafe , do not require employees to tie rearranged industry goods immediately to ensure safety .
When you see staff sitting on supermarket trolleys or more vehicles , security personnel required to staff them down immediately , if not to protect the Executive to draw up a report and submit it to the supermarket security and adopt remedial .
Cashier Area
Security guards regularly patrol the area behind the counter
Security guards patrol at the cashier area shall:
Ensure that no goods ( due to the customer ) at the cashier
Check out the random cashier charged to guests by comparing observations of real goods is composed cashier than goods description showing on -screen for clients .
Observe and ensure that cashiers check and correct enough :
- The number of goods
- Packaging
- All goods are scanned to charge .
The cartons were examined in order to avoid the goods tucked inside other containers .
Customers pay in full for all goods from the cashier .
Security guard to check the status of all sealed container .
If you detect any loss of sealed containers , or torn to carefully check items inside the container .
Security guards must perform the inspection of goods a tight and accurate .
Service company personnel on duty to protect freight to fully record the relevant information of the items into storage ( type and quantity) of information recorded must be independent freight forwarding staff . If in doubt , security guards required to check the entire shipment .
Freight forwarding division , department stores will offer half orders copied statements ( section lists the description of goods , unit price , commodity codes , bar codes ) for security guards duty to supervise the delivery of goods .
Parts delivery , supermarkets will provide the Company provides security services detailed statement of the date of delivery of goods .
Daily results will be checked against the security guards moved supermarkets Board of Directors .
Security guard on duty to remind delivery delivery personnel sealed all the barrels ( carton ) after every test , all goods tally before moving into the warehouse to be tied carefully .
Staff on duty checking freight sector is only allowed for the transfer of goods into the warehouse when the counting procedure has been completed and signed the minutes .
Reminder card providers carry the full freight , not the individual cardholder will not be allowed into the freight forwarding sector .
Delivery area smoking ban .