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Investigation services

Verify the identity

Verifying the identity of a person is collecting documents and evidence relevant to that person to clarify the client's request. The purpose of verification is to satisfy the customer's question about a person or a certain event.

Investigation fakes

Provide information and evidence in civil proceedings including the protection of intellectual property rights, copyrights, works, industrial property rights and technology transfer. Findings, provides information about fakes, counterfeit, shoddy

Internal theft investigation

Internal theft is a theft is committed by acquaintances cause (corporate insiders, the maid in the family).
Because of many different reasons, so you usually do not want the intervention of authorities in the internal thefts.

Private detectives search

Search the news gathering activities of a person, an object is a reason for leaving current residence or deliberately evade. Search includes: Search missing relatives, lost elderly, children leave home, the debtor fled ...

Detectives from family

Many couples live very happy. However comes from the suspicion and growing slowly, no solutions, no evidence to prove, convince ... happy last hundred years has been broken can not be healed. Husband and wife relationship should be made ​​transparent right from the question arises.