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Bank Security Services
Bank is a financial center , with active credit transactions with the main bulk so this is always a favorite target of dangerous criminal object companion piece .
In addition, customers place on the banks of the educated classes , as well as higher social status therefore staff must fully protect education , foreign languages ​​, communication skills behavior , working style and dynamic professional .
There are 2 types of bank protection :
Bank Protection
Protection on the road cash
1 / protect mission at the Bank :
Beware the bad guy masquerading customers , bank security guards to gain experience to classify objects and discover suspects before the crime , take appropriate measures to stop immediately .
Beware of bad guys as the author, do distract bank security guard caught off guard loopholes to break into the bank .
Preventing bad guys infiltrate pickpockets , stealing customers , so the bank security guard must have long-range plans to protect those who discovered loitering , walking more , or glanced at the living eye goods , particularly near the trading desk . For those who use face masks to cover most of the bank note and track .
These customers withdraw large amounts of cash , bank security guards are on high alert to those around them and to monitor , protect their groundwater especially at the car .
Remind clients , subject to the general rules of the bank submitted .
2 / protection requirements at banks :
Protecting banks must keep confidential , not to disclose the secrets of banks such as key codes , diagrams alarm system , anti- theft, the amount of newly imported , the law of human work banker .
Bank guard to be polite to the customers of the bank but absolutely not too close , leading to indecent act .