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Dismantle gangs specializing in stealing people's tree house property

CAH R'lap Dak, Dak Nong said, had successfully dismantled a group of 4 subjects drive, specialist tree houses, property theft, keeping many valuable assets, the return to the people .

Clarification of the objects in the football betting line "crisis"

CSHS - CAPT Hanoi have arrested many objects are in the football betting line in the form of "pumping" money bet with the house through football betting site on the Internet. After investigation, the police verification agency initially clarify the role of each object in this criminal gangs.

Bound guard, put on make construction crane electric cable theft

These people are bound limbs, gagged two guards blatantly site and on-site crane driver to rob 2 electric cable reels 500 million.

Fire control illegal drug selling narcotics

In 2 times rounded up groups of drug trafficking, "stone", criminal investigation police forces on drugs CAQ Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi had to open fire to control disasters only daredevils in this crime line .

Getting in line 8 subjects consumed counterfeit money

Bac Kan Provincial Police said the unit has discovered a shipping line, circulating counterfeit money, and arrested eight subjects of the above acts.

Arrest suspects shot and wounded deputy police precinct

Receive press have burgled houses, Maj Tu with the police to verify the possibility to see two objects. A man pulls a gun shot in the thigh Maj Tu, who carries a gun rest fled.

Arrest gangs carrying knives, swords went robbery

Criminal Police Division - Thai Binh Provincial Police said the unit has arrested drives specialized group of 6 subjects carrying a knife, threatening to go for people who go to the market early to robbery.

Obsessive fear ... robbed meet

Criminal offenses decreased markedly after directing "hot" the Party Secretary Dinh La Thang, however, the security situation remains complex order to cause confusion, anxiety for the people on the roads.

Arrest robbery group night

Investigative police agency - CAH Dong Anh, Hanoi said it had prosecuted the case, prosecute, arrest the perpetrator of robbery cases in the night 28-4 in the circuit recommended Lung Dai circuit and district Yoke.

Police chase, shooting control, catching compact gangs Safe

Police in Thu Duc District, HCM City, said the suspect has handed 2 exhibits the same properties safe container, vehicle crime that the police surveillance has pursued this county, township shots mass explosion pressure, caught, the police Di An town, Binh Duong province, to investigate and handle according to its competence.

2 objects encapsulate phones are selling Iphone 6 Plus has robbery

CSHS, police have arrested Hanoi Department of Emergency 2 objects specializing phone robbery in the locality.

Getting 3 bandit taxis, 4 soldiers Police exposure to anti-HIV therapy

Team leaders Criminal Police (BY Vu Quang, Ha Tinh) said that during the arrest 3 thieves in Duc Giang taxi, 4 soldiers of Police objects being used needles stabbing injuries, is currently being wound treatment and medication against HIV exposure at the clinic police in Ha Tinh province.

Arrest gang specializing kill "xe om", robbery in city

2 subjects initially claimed he performed two murders, to rob taxi. But police suspect they are related to many other cases, serious nature, it is continuing to expand the investigation.

Ambush catch Trip compact protection group robbed Night

"Go rob because those who like to express themselves as Gypsy" - which is thought to be the group's last night robbed CSHS team collaboration with CAP Xuan Dinh, Tu Liem CAQ Beijing, Hanoi Collapse ambush began. And despite the photographic records of them still think, this photo is posted on ... Facebook, the page lock back to ... no one knows his offense.

Getting specialized in snatching bandit handbags women

Police have broken TP.Lai successful European specialist 163D project, Nguyen Xuan Dinh captured object, born in 1992, in the Ta Xin Chai, San Thang commune, Chau TP.Lai, Lai Chau province behavioral robbery .

Access quick review groups masked, knife cutting robbery in the night

Only less than 2 hours after the investigation, CAQ Cau Giay, with responsibility for coordination of CSHS CAPT Hanoi has quickly clarified, arrested two subjects knife, masked, motorcycle riding's Robbery girls go on the road in the night.

Breaking drug cases hot weapons seized

Police Division Criminal Investigation Drug - Police in Quang Nam C47 collaboration with the Ministry of Public Security, Commander Coast Guard Region 2 and police dismantled TP.Hoi An specialized 316N project.

"Super thief" after 22 times the net sa intrusion

Pacific CQDT Provincial Police has prosecuted defendants for Pham Van Chieu (29 years old, resident of Lai Xa village, Thanh Thuy commune, Thanh Ha district, Hai Duong province) to investigate acts of "Theft" .