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Destroying drives robbery team of night commuters

Police Phu Xuyen district, Ha Noi, just prosecute the case, arrest two subjects of behavior "Stealth". Victims of these subjects are mainly women and people who go to work at night.

Arrest specialist subjects ... "hunting" women on social networks to rape, robbery

Initially at the police office, the suspect Pham Van Hung out a living specializing in women cheated on social networks Zalo. Hung admitted from mid-2013 until now has made 7 rapes women, threatening their property seized.

Catch the killer stabbed 3 groups of foreigners in the city injuries

Conflicts in the bar, group 3 subjects had used weapons stab injuries Alien 3. So far both groups were arrested.

Car struck the brazen robbery in HCMC

Police District 4, HCM City, said, have arrested two suspects in the gang consists of 4 subjects who carried out the guillotine, daring motorcycle robbery occurred at dawn on 6-3-2016.

Steel punch 'City Police

During a "general strike" offense this time, City Police plans to deploy an unprecedented scale, such as doubling the criminal police task force, installing more cameras to expand the scope of "government wave "of the divine eye, enhance technical means ...

Rob vulnerable group dynamic, cutting off the hands of a girl near to robbery

CAPT Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak Province, said, began two objects causes 10 robbery cases in the area, severing tendons and a girl hand.

Jailed objects stolen more than 2.6 gold

After the theft of the gold above, the object sold and sent money home storage, and served themselves go karaoke bars in the City. The process of investigation, police identified objects are hiding here and carry out arrests.

Thoroughly remove Gypsy casino in the hotel, seized more than 1.2 billion

Police have broken into the nose, siege and raids on hotels, thoroughly remove scale casinos here. At the scene, police arrested nearly 70 objects seized exhibits amounts to more than 1.2 billion.

The gang specialized staged mesh pocket in the City sa

Police District 3, HCM City, said, have arrested one profession gangs staged daring pickpockets.

Getting just 2 objects robbery

CAQ Tay Ho said the unit has a decision to institute the case, arrest object Bui Tuan Anh (born 1996), Le Dinh Chau (born in 1993), and staying at Tu Son town, Bac Ninh to investigation clarify robbery behavior.

Getting group read a statement to male prostitution ring

To underwrite business, every day young people in the area practice Ly Thuong Kiet Street pay "hui die" for this group of Gypsy origin North 200 thousand.

Street robbery group summed by large displacement motorcycles

Recently, in the province of Hue happen many robbery cases. Objects mainly youth aged between 18-25 years old motorbike driver unexpectedly large displacement beyond robbery.

Police arrested two robbers compact handbag snatching pedestrians

BKS not ride, no helmet, snatching a woman's handbag is finished, the two robbers off like a bat, zigzags and hammocks on the opposite street. Seeing Police chase, the two objects are fragile brick decided against ...

Peace Tet

Peace Tet

Nearly hundred police raided Gypsy casino bosses Saigon

When the casino's brother was arrested in the aggressive campaign of the police, Ms. Ha bouncer hired thugs do, continue to "casino" in Binh Thanh District, HCMC.

Repeatedly arrested three objects transportation firecrackers from the Chinese border

Within 4-1 days, Cao Loc district police, Lang Son consecutive detection, arrest 3 objects transported firecrackers from the Chinese border into Vietnam for use and consumption.

"Super robbery" sa grid street

Anh Vu Thanh Duy control electric bicycles pass Vu Thi Hong went on Pham Hung Street, to the door of Vietnam Registry Department under the My Dinh ward 2, Nan Tu Liem District, it was a young man riding Honda Dream SB 2 does not come from behind pressed her handbag snatching Hong was holding run on Nguyen Hoang.

Catching the theft of luggage at the terminal T1, Noi Bai International Airport

On 3-1, Police Station Noi Bai International airport, district police (CAH), Soc Son District, Hanoi, said Tran Van It has arrested (born 1989), residing at Yen Dung District, Bac Giang Province , about the theft of property.