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Getting 2 workers and property theft, and timely collection of assets paid to victims

30-12-2015 afternoon, police agencies investigate police Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province, said the newly implemented emergency warrant two highway construction workers Da Nang - Quang Ngai on theft asset.

Motorcycle theft in 3 seconds

With time breaking motorcycle course just 3-5 seconds, two youths had caused more than 20 burglaries in about a month.

Detention 8 object money on bus hijacking

Eight of the nine subjects used as a vehicle passenger car robbed, beat up passengers from Vietnam to western provinces has been temporarily detained City police to investigate acts of robbery.

Concentrating forces crack down on crime, security Tet

To ensure security, order and the Lunar New Year, to enhance vigilance and resolutely attack the criminals, police in Quang Tri province will mobilize maximum force, centralized control means better situation , help people happy Xuan, Tet in safety.

Arrest of two objects gambling, firearms seized

Police Cao Loc district, Lang Son province, has dismantled specialized fighting game project, arrested two subjects of gambling, seized many weapons exhibits hot.

Thoroughly remove specialized group of thieves break into villas

Through the work of the situation, object management, CAQ Ha Dong discovered a group of objects by Nguyen Quang Dat (born 1996, resident Dan Hoa Commune, Thanh Oai District, Ha Noi) led, in a rented room at the nest 4, La Khe ward, Ha Dong district, then gathered some young people from many local damage to organization property theft.

Getting bearer 3 counts of murder, robbery, escape whereabouts

Police Department Wanted Criminals (The Police), who comments on the arrest based object is especially dangerous, escaped from the camp, the Million Military. Even at night, the working group of the Criminal Investigation Department (DOD) has received original documents, objects and related exhibits.

Successfully dismantled drug ice stone robbers

After nearly two months of secret court established specialized 125g of Police Tan Phu District, HCM City said it had dismantled successful young band of robbers but extremely vulnerable in the district due to the object of Sin "overweight" head.

More than 300 police protecting group massacre trial in Binh Phuoc

Verdict will have thousands of people attended the hearing should roving 3 trial accused massacre will take place in 6 large 4-hectare grounds with multiple layers of security barricades.

Arrested two men brutally murdered prostitutes in motel room

Deng outside stormed the character N jerked the knife and the bed, with both hands, strangled. Win also took overlap face until the girl unconscious and then perform immoral acts. N still see movement, Win continued neck pillow insert foot until the victim dies.

Repeatedly arrested objects illegally storing narcotics

Hiding under the guise of motorbike taxi driver, she sells water ... objects that can bypass concept authorities, but any offense will also be punishable by law. Recently, CAQ Hoan Kiem continuously detect, arrest the subjects related to drugs.

Thoroughly remove the 2 groups vulnerable robbery, reckless

CSHS CAPT force Uong Bi, Quang Ninh province has dismantled two groups, 6 subjects with acts of robbery, theft of property and organizing the illegal use of narcotics. These objects, although still young but very fragile dynamic behavior.

Preventing crime robbery last days

Anti-crime robbery and robbery (Team 8), CSHS, CAPT Hanoi consecutive survey explored two criminal gangs involved in robbery. Earlier Team 8 also has arrested two subjects causing 17 robberies in the city. The incident on alert operation of this type of crime is complicated, especially at the end of the year.

2 criminals and 17 for robbery

CSHS - CAPT Hanoi has ordered urgent arrest and detain criminal behavior robbery against Tran Van Tuan, born in 1984, resident of Mai Dong Ward, Hoang Mai and Nguyen Ngoc Tan, SN 1990, stay Tuong Mai ward, Hoang Mai district (Hanoi). Objects have previous convictions of robbery and drug addiction.

Getting 8 objects transported 97 cakes of heroin

Lao Cai Provincial Police have arrested eight subjects in the second line purchase, transporting 97 cakes of heroin.

Ministry of Public Security Police arrest reward structure "driver" box carrying 10kg of marijuana

Police in Quang Binh province recently held a ceremony to announce the reward decision of the Minister of Public Security and the Supreme Compliment General Le Quy Vuong, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of Public Security Police Provincial Police Office because has made outstanding achievements in their work.

Getting perpetrator killed cabbie deficit from the outline

Use a knife attack royal taxi driver murder, robbery unsuccessfully, Hung left the scene and continued to borrow clothes to go out, but was arrested four days later.

Criminals use the Street Civil Guard as "eyes and ears"

Gangs use arms in the Civil Guard to monitor the city's police force. So, whenever the criminal forces military district and ward off privacy for caught were these objects in response marker.