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Dismantling specialist rape gangs, pay protection money pressed.

This group not only beaten, threatened staff and workers are working, construction at the site, but also blatantly occupied land for business projects.

Front and HCM City Police promote the entire people protect national security

On 24/11, the Standing Committee of the Fatherland Front Committee of HCMC and HCMC Police preliminary conference held two years of implementation Date 24/11, the Standing Committee of the Fatherland Front Committee of HCMC and HCMC Police Conference 2-year preliminary program implementation 09 / Ctr-BCA-MTTW on "Promoting movement All people protect national security in the new situation (2013-2015)".

Prosecuting theft protection 11 computers in the company warehouse in Tien Son

18/11, police agencies investigate police Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province, said recently that the decision to prosecute for Wu Tung Duong (SN 1996, in the US The Ward, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang ) about the theft of property.

Da Nang with Looting aggressively to protect travelers

Party Secretary Tan Da Nang police require more drastic needs to Danang engraved crystal base of crime, if not Looting may cause many people panicked when to travel.

Youth go high cylinder motorbike robbery of pedestrians

City Police. Dong Ha (Quang Tri) has arrested two subjects compact Le Van China (born 1990) and Le Van Tuan (born 1992) residing in the neighborhood of 10, Ward 2, Dong Ha City while conducting snatching handbags of pedestrians.

Philippines alert for VIP security at APEC

APEC Organizing Committee in the Philippines especially wary of the security risk for the most famous guest at this conference, including President Putin, Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Destroying gambling drives in mangrove forest, arrested 39 subjects

Destroying gambling drives in mangrove forests, catching 39 for Tran Thang Long tuonDai dozen police chiefs Quynh Luu district (Nghe An), said the agency has dismantled a gambling dens organized arrested 39 subjects and seized more than 200 million in cash and cars and other valuable assets.

Getting theft group, a bulk collection knives, pliers synergy

On 10/11, Township Police Dien (Quang Nam) said the newly discovered and arrested a theft group using weapons caused a series of burglaries in the town of Dien Ban and Da Nang, seized assets and weapons.

Getting masked perpetrator access to police protection robbery

To have money to spend, wild, closed face, wearing a mask and then use weapons to knock protection to escape robbery.

Arrested 10 subjects broke into the ward People's Committee headquarters assault

Beaten, thrown teenager car, jogging on the ward People's Committee headquarters to escape. Groups of hooligans broke into aggressive cutting her, causing injury.

Japan will cooperate with the US to protect the peace at sea

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe supporting American destroyers to within 12 nautical miles of China's artificial island illegally built in Changsha, also vowed to cooperate to protect the peace at sea.

Two lawyers were assaulted: Although beaten, we continue to defend probably right

Tran Thu Nam Law (one of two lawyers were assaulted) confirmed, despite life-threatening, he decided to pursue the case to Do Dang Du ..

Professional training for the guard to prevent attacks hospital

That is one of the content of the Health Ministry's office directed the hospitals across the country take to prevent patients, patients' relatives and thugs attacked officials, medical staff and patients .

Arrest 3 objects intercity motorcycle theft

The process of verifying, investigating authorities have identified a number of objects from other provinces are more suspicious signs involving some motorcycle thefts in the province should have planned arrest.

Many police arrest man wanted by Interpol

The scouts as motorcycle taxi, tour staff ... was to find traces Nosov Denis - Interpol most wanted suspects - as he took refuge in Nha Trang City.

Rounded object robbery staged pocket passers in Saigon

K. Detection him to bag the front, Vietnam and his accomplices staged robbery conducted inside bags 65 million and ran away. Subjects were assigned to arrest people police.

He led 13 guests robbers slashed in Saigon

Where hair dyed yellow, head age group of 11-15 young men living rough under a bridge, causing a series of robberies.

Getting 6 suspects were tied for dead bodies in the house, Accommodation

Police investigation, said HCM City police arrested 6 suspects emergency related assets robbery, murder in District 12, HCMC.