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Gang destruction caused dozens of incidents, theft of homes

At the beginning of April, 2017, many households in Binh Giang district, Hai Duong province were accused of property theft by the crooks, many of whom lost their valuable assets.
Typically on the night of 14-4, the intruder broke into Doan Ngoc Long, in Phu Village, Thai Hoc commune to steal a motorcycle branded Honda Vision BKS 29Y-173.47 worth 25 million; Then on April 18, the intruder broke into Dao Thi Hoa's house, in Bang Trai village, Vinh Hong commune to steal a motorbike Honda Waves BKS 34B2-349.84 worth about 10 million ... causing trouble Among the people. Binh Giang district police set up a special mission to focus on fighting.
After setting up a professional project, Binh Giang district has set up a group of 6 people who are people in the district but often live on the street, addicted to games with many questions. .
Continuing to watch, on the night of April 26, the police of Binh Giang district arrested Vu Van Quan, 30 years old; Dao Van Quy, 28, and Pham Van Thuong, 23, are living in Thuc Khang commune when they break in, stealing some of Bui Xuan Dung's houses in Block 3, Ke Sat district.
At the same time, the reconnaissance also conducted control Le Huy Hung, 27 years old, in Thai Hoa commune; To Hoai Nghia, 24 years old, in Long Xuyen and Pham Van Hinh communes, 21 years old, in Hung Thang commune, brought to headquarters for verification and clarification.
Through verified verification, most of these objects have already been convicted of theft of property, are addicted to the game and from the game they know, connect with each other, Again to steal each other. They often walk, or taxi in to the residential areas, detect any loophole (do not lock the door on the floor, or tum), break into, steal assets such as motorcycles, electric bicycles, Tablet, television ...
With this tactic, from the 8th to the time of arrest, this group carried out 16 theft cases in Binh Giang, Cam Giang (Hai Duong) and An Thi district (Hung Yen) with the value of the property up to Nearly 200 million.
 District police also suggested that people actively participate in detecting and denouncing crimes; To report similar events to the investigating bodies for consolidation, investigation and handling of subjects according to law provisions.
Duc Thinh

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