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Security Services


Deploying target protection at Ha Long Milk Tea system in Ho Chi Minh City
Vary depending on the unique characteristics of each customer system
1. Requirements:
- Based on the location characteristics and the actual business performance of each target, there are specific requirements for the security force. But the general purpose and requirement of Hung Vuong's security force is to ensure security and safety for all activities of the Company as well as easy and convenient transactions with customers, all taking advantage disorder, theft and destruction of property are detected, prevented and handled promptly.
- Apply the necessary solutions and measures in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.
- All Hung Vuong security guards while on duty must be polite, effortless, increase observation and cover the situation.
2. Mission:
To achieve the above protection requirement, the specific task of guard Hung Vuong:
- Prevent unauthorized infringements that cause disorder, vandalism or theft of property or threaten the lives of employees, working and living within the protected area.
- Check and control (if allowed) people, vehicles, goods and objects brought in or out of the protected area.
- Prevent and promptly detect fire and explosion phenomena for immediate handling and notify functional agencies to coordinate and promptly settle them.
- Security guard 12/24 hours / day at the request of customers, not allowed to leave the position unless there is a replacement.
- Prevent illegal actions.
- Support to guide the operator in arrangement, construction, parking, and driving for customers at the right place.

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