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Hung Vuong Company is one of the units providing professional security services, quality reputation.
Serving many clients in all areas, Hung Vuong Security wishes to contribute little to the peace of his people.
Strong workforce is trained, from the good moral qualities. We provide a service that best protects the most professional, the most prestigious clients.
Please contact the company to protect the Hung Vuong received the best service for the whole family protection, personal and your business.
091 6789 608 - 0988 085 280
security services business

Enterprise Security Services

The business now but to face the fierce competition on the field value is encountered difficulties in protecting the property and lives of employees as well as customers and trading companies. Hung Vuong Protecting company is always ready to provide safety and security for you business so rest assured they firmly on the path of development and integration.

protect the weak, weak protection of human services,

Protecting (bodyguard)

Today, along with the strong development of the integration of economic, social as potential threats to the individual. So, in Vietnam and in the world, protecting the weak always be corporations, businesses and interested individuals.

Protection Event, Protection Event Service

Protection Event

The effect will not work if you have high anxiety too much. Let Hung Vuong reduce anxiety and burden sharing customers with event security services.
A type of high-level services, to ensure security and order eventful. 


Groundbreaking ceremony

Branch of Hung Vuong Security Services Joint Stock Company specializes in providing protection services for construction sites, factories, companies and projects.

encashment services, rental services encashment

encashment services

Selecting a reputable units in providing escort services money commodity is always urgent needs of the individual business cargo process large amounts of money. With the goal of safe, efficient and taken to the place where is always demanding needs of customers. At the same time, the freight money to a safe place is absolutely one of the top targets of the security services company. Grasp the essential requirements that the security services company specializing in providing Hung Vuong encashment service, we provide escort services as follow:

Monitoring service warehousing collateral banking

Monitoring service warehousing collateral banking

Company Hung Vuong Security Services is one of the reputed company protecting top quality in Vietnam. With a desire to serve our customers with the best security services, we provide security services monitoring collateral warehouse bank.
Provides support services for the bank's operations and warehouse management, we always satisfy the mind: