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Lunar New Year Holiday Calendar 2020

Calendar Lunar New Year holidays 2020: According to the plan approved by the Prime Minister, officials, public servants and employees are entitled to 7 consecutive days off. Hung Vuong Security Company provides security services on Tet ...
1. Lunar New Year holidays 2020
The Lunar New Year Holiday Schedule of Hung Vuong Company from Wednesday 22/01/2020 (December 28) to the end of Wednesday 29/01/2019 (January 5, Ky Hoi year). So, including Saturday, Sunday, Lunar New Year has a total of 08 days off.
The Lunar New Year is a period of time for workers, employees, students to rest, factories, companies, factories, shops closed for the new year, this is also the time for the objects. Robbery activity.
In order to meet the needs of security services to take care of the house on Tet holiday as well as create favorable conditions for customers to enjoy the Tet holiday peacefully, participate in fun spring-traveling activities with family and relatives.
Hotline: 0916.789.608 - Email: sales@dichvubaove.vn
2. Types of security services for Tet holiday 2020 Hung Vuong is providing:
• Security, look after private houses, villas, villas ... when the owner is away.
• Safeguard property, take care of pets, take care of plants, etc. when homeowners are away.
• Protecting corporate offices, agencies, factories, factories, warehouses, business establishments ... during the entire Lunar New Year holiday unit
• Other types of security services required by customers ...
3. Benefits when hiring security service Tet 2020 of Hung Vuong Security:
• Protect the safety of your property during the New Year holidays and holidays, take responsibility and pay compensation if an incident or damage occurs.
• Report on a daily basis the situation at the protection objectives such as security, fire prevention, electrical and property safety.
• Record and report back fully if the target has visitors.
Hung Vuong professional security company has over 10 years of experience in providing professional security services and providing prestigious security services for Tet holidays in Hai Phong, Da Nang and the southern market.
Security guards - bodyguards who are responsible for housekeeping service on Tet holiday are all going through security training courses and are equipped with quick response skills. . In order to promptly handle the unusual events, Hung Vuong Security Company has arranged a mobile security team to patrol and monitor security 24/24.
Mobile patrol and security surveillance teams will be tasked with:
• Be present in time to support and handle with the security guards on site to the incident 24/24 hours / day.
• Check - monitor the working style of security guards.
• Promptly rectify and deal with security guards who violate the working rules of the company and the managing unit.
If you need to find security companies or quote security services on Tet holiday 2020. Please contact:
Headquarters: 123/57/22/16 Phan Van Hon, Block 4, Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: 028.54360.278
Email: sales@dichvubaove.vn
Hotline: 0916.789.608

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