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Special police fired guns to catch the phone robbery of female tourists

A robbery ride on the cell phone of female travelers and increase the station ran away was the District 1 police pursuers. The bandit forced the special forces to shoot the enemy.
On May 7, police of district 1 temporarily detained the object Le Thanh Phu (SN 1973), to investigate, handling the property robbery. Victim is female Brazilian tourist (SN 1961).
Phu objects at the police
Earlier, night 6/5, Special Task Force, Police District 1 is patrolling downtown area. HCM detected the man on the motorcycle suspicious signs should follow. At the intersection of Hai Ba Trung - Ly Tu Trong Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, this name is discovered female tourist, holding the iPhone 6.
Cellphone of female visitors
He rushed to pull the mobile phone in the hands of female visitors and increase the station ran away. Immediately, the task team quickly chase.
The bandit discovered that the pursuers should launch the network through many routes, alleys, crooks, hammocks to cut off the tail team. When the reconnaissance close to the vehicle was used to pedal the pedal to wobble.
See the criminals cheeky, scared so the scouts opened fire only, control the object handed over to the police handle. After that, the authorities contacted the female visitors and returned the property.
The victim expressed his appreciation and admiration for the courage and talent of the Vietnamese special reconnaissance officers.

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