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CSGT with the user of the party, started by cướp giật táo tợn

Tổ chức tuần tra CSGT đang làm nhiệm vụ phát hành giầy dép kỷ niệm hai năm của cô gái trên đường liền kề người dân bị bắt, bắt giữ.
Rachchiec CSGT team is working on Highway 1, opposite Suoi Tien tourist area, Linh Trung ward, Thu Duc district.
At this time, CSGT discovered two youths launching motorbikes on the road; Behind are people using motorcycles chase after "robbed! rob!".
The team pursue, capture the robber snatch basket
Immediately, the task team uses a special motor to chase two young people, and the radio tells the command to send the front forces at the intersection. Chasing more than 1km working team has followed closely, squeezed the motorcycle 2 youth.
However, at this moment they threw away the motorbike. The CSGT and the people pursue, capture a subject with the same material, the other object ran into the alley, escape.
At the police office, the subject is Nguyen Van Nhi (SN 1990, resident of District 9). Announced, with the gang just made robbery bag containing 200 thousand and an iPhone mobile phone of 2 girls on the road.
In addition, Nhi also announced, have done with a gang of robbery bag with 30 million.
At present, the case is handed over to the local police for clarification and retrieval of the remaining subjects.

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