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Security Services

Bảo vệ mục tiêu di động

Tháp tùng bảo vệ cá nhân tại nơi làm việc, nơi cư trú và trong hoạt động giao tiếp, di chuyển. Nội dung bảo vệ chủ yếu là: tính mạng, sức khoẻ (không có nguồn gốc từ bệnh tật) và tài sản cá nhân đi theo người của người được bảo vệ. - Hộ tống: Đảm bảo an ninh, an toàn cho cá nhân hay một nhóm người di chuyển từ một địa điểm cố định này đến địa điểm khác trong thời gian được xác định.
I. Personal protection (also a bodyguard)
Accompanying personal protection at work, place of residence and in communication activities, move. Content protection is mainly: the life and health (not originating from the disease) and personal property of the following persons are protected.
- Escort: Ensuring security and safety of individuals or a group of people moving from one fixed location to another location in time to be determined.
- Protection in transit: asset protection money, goods in transit.
Content protection is mainly: the security and safety of assets, goods and money on the move.
Note: "The content protection key" is understood as the basic requirements of each type of service. However, not confined within it, by actual customer needs more diversity that we have to meet.
(Money, gold, precious metals, works of art)
1. Purpose:
LLBV applied to make the business plan for the logistics and freight ca ensure absolute safety according to customer requirements.
2. Requirements:
- Protect absolute safety for giving, receiving goods from the shipping process, do not let the audience crimes against loss or damage.
- Transportation process to ensure and preserve the design lead-sealed during transportation.
- Maintain confidentiality not to disclose the name, quantity, time of departure, time of arrival of goods.
- Technical Requirements:
+ During protection transport have alternatives camouflage, decoy to distract the attention of the audience.
+ Closely monitor the delivery step until handover.
1. Preparatory work:
- Officer in charge will be based on customer requirements and the ability to meet the physical facilities of the Company to carry out protection plans determine the transport process.
- To work with the customers to get what they ask for every? The number and value is how much?
- Road transport, shipping location, delivery time, assembled goods.
- To recruit staff, qualified staff and capacity to meet the mission requirements. Must also take into account other factors such as media selection, equipment, tool support for transit.
- Plan the location scouts gather goods, which means the route to go through.
2. Specialized transportation by car:
- When loading or unloading goods onto vehicles to delivery locations necessarily have the supervision of the owner or the person authorized.
- Responsibilities: responsible for transporting and protecting the safety of goods.
- Do not take responsibility for the good and bad goods, fake.
- How to: prepare transported by special vehicles:
- During loading and unloading the car shippers request must be present to supervise.
- When finished, lined seal lead the witness of their owners.
- When goods arrive, they shall communicate to certify or records unsealed goods until delivery is complete and require owners to sign to confirm receipt of goods.
Determined not to occur the following conditions:
- The appeal of the restaurant to take because they are not there.
- Shippers complain of being changed, being fraudulently, especially for valuable items such as precious metals, money, art, ...
- In the process of loading and unloading must guard planes and remote locations to row, ready to rescue and resolve all incidents.
- For the transport contracts on a regular basis every week, every month, always pay attention to these incidents occurred in the last shipment to draw lessons for the next time.
- Recording suspicions, strange phenomena occur in delivery locations, in transit, ... If you see the number of times that coincide many times, even with statements commander and coordinate with the force other verification clarification.
- In the case of freight car suddenly stopped running security guards are responsible for processing as follows:
* Do not leave the car stopped.
* The report command and the relevant parts location and vehicle downtime.
* Increased vigilance, observation car scene around the world. Not to people or other objects in addition to access to the car (whether intentional or curiosity, bad intentions).
* Verify the cause of the problem is due to vehicle stops where? For example, sudden car damage obstacles, ...... for conducting and reporting the department concerned and consult the following guidance.
- During the transport to fall 4 down 5 are arranged signal lights control traffic, train tracks run through the guard asked the driver layout calculations to speed vehicle must not stop on transportation.
- In case of trouble congestion unintended security personnel pay close attention to the lines and detect suspicious objects to reach the target, attention or stealing objects gathered at the intersection to take precautions. At the same time, the report said the commander place time, the reason for coordinated congestion handling issues related to the time of collection.
- During transport if subjects have used a large motorcycle driving force or control means control by the security guards to the quick response and will try to contact the commander to report commander and the nearest police agency to coordinate resolution.
- During the transportation process that must follow a plan, a route laid out. If an incident occurs, not arbitrarily change the route that must be reported immediately to the command center for advice, direction.
- Arranging security guards to ensure safety of goods in transit:
- In the process of transporting goods to protect ordinary people sitting in a position commanding the vehicle to maintain overall command and speed of vehicles, issue the command to see combat crime. The deputies in the last car convoy to take care and keep in touch with the commander. The distance between vehicles is usually arranged from 2 to 3 guards, one who sat in the cab and two people sitting in the live truck to protect the goods. If only the first volume of goods transported, the vehicle commander was sitting in the saloon coachwork employees sit in direct escort and protect the goods.

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