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Policemen arrest female name handbag snatching tourists

Define "prey", the object in the opposite direction drove the purse snatching but unsuccessful, then soldiers Loi Quan and his arrest.

2 reconnaissance summed object purse snatching in the City

Task team the Police Department criminal investigation of the social order, public security was promptly HCMC pursuit, summed 2 objects robbery.

Suspects caused deadly shootings at the bar captured

City Police Mong Cai (Quang Ninh) have official information about the shooting in front of bars Kinh (Zone 2, Tran Phu Ward, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province) on April 6-9 caused a death.

12 individuals are rewarded for achievements in combating crime

Authorized by the Provincial Police Director, Chairman of the city, Lang Son City Police celebrated solemnly awarded certificates of merit to individuals with extraordinary achievements in the fight against crime.

Getting gang specialized gatekeepers, confiscation of property of intercity driving

Want peace do business in the area, the vehicle owner must obediently pay 2 to 3 million / month for a group of people. Without driver, car accessories will be beaten, even broken glass thrown away.

Catching the assault, robbery and escape car

After traffic crashes, unexpected target group consists of 5 employees on reviews and two young men on a motorcycle, then climbed into the car Vietnamese victims escaped.

Gold dismantle gangs rocked the western provinces

Can Tho City Police held a press conference official information about the gangs in western gold has been dismantled.

Getting gangs staged theft of foreign assets

Social acquainted and gauge girls to chat with the victim crying for copper thieves property.

Getting 5 objects to cause nearly 20 robberies

Police investigating agencies - city police. Hanoi has decided to initiate prosecutions, arrests 5 objects to cause nearly 20 robberies.

Group 9X girl rushed to beat, robbed vehicles in the Capital SH

Police have arrested six suspects made nearly 20 robbery, robbery in just 2 months has made people panic in the capital recently.

Nearly 300 motorcycle theft discovered in pawn shop

Check batch pawn shop in Binh Duong, police discovered hundreds consumption line motorcycle thieves.

Protection "handshake" with the burglar!

ANTD cable Quang Trung Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh) has investigated, clarified groups sucking oil theft of vehicles used in construction expanded QL1D pass through the area.

Getting teenage robbery group "notorious" Binh Thanh District

Group includes teenagers robbed, while some 14-year-old teenager, but both often congregate, causing dozens of robbery in HCMC.

The culprit in more than 20 robberies line 'sa grid'

Caused more than 20 chain snatching cases in the province of Hanoi with the tricks of wrongful deeds, professional, yet, "sky net long long" did not escape the South and Tu ...

Manhunt tycoon 7 gunmen 24/24

Investigative police agencies-the Ministry of Public Security has served on and switch to the People's Procuracy, the Supreme investigating the case concluded Nguyen Quoc Hung and accomplices of illegal trafficking of narcotics; illegal possession of military weapons and not to denounce it.

Fire control subjects handbag snatching of foreign female tourists

Police District 1, HCM City, said recently arrested for purse snatching statue of a US citizen travelers and throttle fled as Saigon street riots.

"Delete" rob night drive

Investigative police agency - CAH Soc Son, Ha Noi, said seized objects robbery group leader specializing attack women at night on secondary roads, under the Soc Son district and some areas of Vinh Phuc.

Line gambling break 3,000 billion

Line gambling massive scale over the Internet in Quang Binh has collapsed, with the amount of 3.000 billion and 12 objects related emergency captured.