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Surveillance and security


Information of nearly 1 ton of artillery was discovered in a people's home in Quang Binh and a car carrying 48kg of artillery was arrested in Lang Son, which was heating up the "front" to control and handle the banned goods first. and after the Lunar New Year.
Continuing to confiscate illegal firecrackers
Quang Binh police has successfully dismantled 27 cases of illegal artillery boxes with a total weight of more than 900kg. This is the largest illegal artillery seizure ever in this province. Earlier, the provincial authorities also caught a director of an enterprise who illegally stored 50 artillery boxes with a total weight of nearly 70kg. Vinh Phuc police also caught an object, seizing nearly 1 ton of artillery.
According to a report of Lang Son Market Management Department, in November 2019, this force checked and handled 5 cases involving firecrackers (equal to 40% compared to the same period in 2018), of which 2 cases of not finding owners, 3 cases of transferring police offices. Exhibits seized 772kg of firecrackers of all kinds. Typically, the case of the 10th Task Force Team inspected a car at Doc Quyt Integrated Control Station. At the time of checking, on the cars mentioned above were transporting 12 artillery sets of 100 pods per unit; The total weight is 48kg.
The Management Team No. 10 has made a record of administrative violations and temporarily seized all the above material evidences and means. Seeing that the case shows signs of criminal violations; The Information Management Team No. 10 has transferred the case files, material evidence and related facilities to the Cao Loc District Police Department for handling according to regulations.
Traditionally, trading and transporting firecrackers is mainly smuggling firecrackers from the other side of the border into the inland and transporting them to the provinces behind. From the beginning of 2019 until now, the illegal trade and transport of firecrackers has been stealthy, especially at the end of the year and the festive season.
The trick that the subjects use is still the illegal exit to the other side of the border, carrying the trails, avoiding roads then plugging in some passenger cars, trucks or transporting by motorbikes. national highways to the provinces behind. Various types of smuggled firecrackers, including firecrackers of all kinds, sparking fireworks and staging fireworks.
In particular, the Lang Son border is a remarkable hot spot. Therefore, the Steering Committee for the prevention and combat of violations of cannon in Lang Son province soon had a plan to prevent and combat acts of artillery violations and opened a peak to prevent and combat artillery violations. occasions before, during, after Ky Hoi Lunar New Year, festivals in early spring.
Implementing this plan, the Lang Son Renewable Energy Force has made the implementation content. Similarly, the CG of the border provinces such as Quang Ninh, Quang Tri and An Giang also plans to strengthen inspection and control of firecrackers in addition to large consumer goods during Tet.
Tet is still available 24 / 24h
According to the implementation plan, the QLTT force actively organizes reconnaissance, builds inspection and control plans to suit each locality to ensure the prevention and fight against acts. Artillery violations are frequent, continuous.
The QLTT Team has developed a plan to preside and coordinate the inspection at the markets, tourist areas ... Building a news station to check the transport of vehicles with suspicious signs of transporting firecrackers , rudimentary weapons, explosive materials; Coordinate with functional forces to check and control smuggling between inland areas and border areas, focusing on smuggled firecrackers through bypasses and bypasses. The QLTT teams also scrutinize each area to capture the objects that may have acts related to gun storage for timely handling.
The representative of the General Department of Tourism Administration said that the agency also sent a dispatch to the local Customs Administration about strengthening control of big consumer goods during Tet, including checking, storing and transporting. transferred artillery from about 2 months ago. The whole force thoroughly grasped the peak inspection in the 3 months before, during and after Tet holiday, especially to increase personnel on duty 24 / 24h on the days adjacent to the Lunar New Year such as the 29th, 30th, 1st of the New Year.
In addition to the peak plan for strengthening the control of the General Department of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Public Security has also issued a document instructing the grassroots Police to strengthen the situation, inspect, review and list the subjects with previous criminal records. criminal, showing signs of suspecting the crime of firecrackers for taking measures to manage, fight and prevent; promptly set up a specialized project to investigate, clarify and strictly handle lines of illegally manufacturing, trading, transporting and storing firecrackers.
Along with that, the forces including the Coast Guard, Border Guard, Customs, and Customs Administration organized patrol and control to promptly detect, arrest and strictly handle violations of firecrackers, especially Border routes, border areas and border gates. For typical cases, it is necessary to urgently coordinate with the People's Procuracies and People's Courts of the same level to investigate, prosecute and conduct adjudicating in service of prevention, deterrence and joint education.

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