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Surveillance and security


 Facebook hack, fraud appropriated over 1 billion
After hacking the Facebook of her relatives Nguyen Thi M. in Ha Tinh, Nguyen Quoc Vu and Le Van Hieu had played the role and asked her to transfer into a virtual account of VND 120 million. With the above trick, these 2 facebookers tricked over 40 people, appropriating a total of over 1 billion.
This morning (December 16), Ha Tinh City Police said, has just issued a decision to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused and order detention for two subjects: Nguyen Quoc Vu (SN 1997, residing in Thieu Truong commune, Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province) and Le Van Hieu (SN 1998, residing in Quang Tri town, Quang Tri province), regarding acts of fraud, appropriation of property.
Nguyen Quoc Vu at the investigation agency
According to documents of the investigating authority, on November 13, 1919, the authorities received a report from Ms. Nguyen Thi M. (SN 1983, residing in Thach Quy Ward, Ha Tinh City) about her has just been hijacked 120 million via Facebook.
Accordingly, while on her personal facebook, Ms. M. suddenly received a message from her nephew H., who is currently an international student in Japan thanks to the transfer of VND 120 million to another bank account.
Seeing that the vocative was very familiar and stylish in the message conversation as her grandson's habit, Ms. M. had no doubt made the money transfer order.
After the transfer is complete, to make sure my grandchild has received the money, Ms. M. contacted him to know he had been trapped when his grandson said that he absolutely did not ask for the above.
The incident was reported by Ms. M. to the authorities.
During the investigation of the case, the functional force determined that Ms. M. was not the only "prey" to be "trapped" by the subjects, so the investigators cooperated with the police in some provinces. cities across the country and other authorities to verify and clarify. After more than a month of expanding the investigation, with professional as well as object screening, the investigating agency determined that Vu and Hieu were the suspects responsible for the fraud.
At the investigating agency, the two subjects claimed from March 2018, after planning to fraudulently misappropriate property through social networks, Vu and Hieu determined that their "prey" were people with people. relatives are studying abroad or working abroad to perform fraudulent "missions".
Le Van Hieu at the investigating agency
Thinking about doing it, Hieu quickly ordered on-line 3 BIDV bank cards with the account holder name Hoang Tuan Long and then Vu and search and hack Facebook accounts for Vietnamese individuals living abroad. After having hacked these facebook accounts, the two subjects immersed and texted friends and relatives of that account owner in Vietnam by transferring money to a bank account managed by Vu.
To avoid being suspected and investigated by the authorities, Vu transferred money to 3 accounts named Hoang Tuan Long of Hieu, and Hieu will have the duty to withdraw money at local ATMs. The amount of money appropriated, they eat Vu got 80%, Hieu got 20%.
With the "trick" above, the two subjects claimed to be from March 2018 until the time of arrest, Vu and Hieu had stolen 50 Facebook accounts, tricked 40 people, appropriated over 1 billion dong.
Currently, the authorities are still expanding the investigation of the case, and completing records to handle two subjects in accordance with the law.
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