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Surveillance and security


Yook Don National Park
 The case of forest bandits surrounded and attacked serious forest rangers: Arrested 5 subjects
Mr. Y Thong Chi Byă is being treated at the hospital.
After many hours of trying to catch, police have verified and detained 5 people involved in the forest bandit group attack on a seriously injured ranger.
On the morning of December 20, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Cao Tien Phu, Head of the Ea Sup District Police (Dak Lak Province), said that the unit had arrested 5 people in the case of a group of loggers and guerrilla foresters after being discovered. Illegal logging.
According to this leader, right after receiving information from Y Don Don National Park about the group of forest loggers deforestation, slashing rangers, the CSD District Ea Sup District Police Department urgently examined the scene. After hours of efforts to arrest, late at night on December 19, police forces arrested 5 subjects. In which, 2 subjects lived in Buon Don district (Dak Lak province) and 3 subjects lived in Ea Sup district.
As reported earlier, on the evening of December 18, during a forest protection patrol, Mr. Y Thong Chi Byă (SN 1995) and Mr. Y Rin Kuan (SN 1983), worked as rangers at Forest Ranger Station No. 11 (County). FPD Yók Don National Park) detected a group of people who are destroying forests At this time, Mr. Y Thong Chi Byă rushed in to control an object directly using a chainsaw to cut a tree.
Seeing that, the loggers ran to besiege and attack the rangers. In particular, there is an object behind rushing in, using a knife to slash a shot at brother Y Thong Chi Byă to rescue his accomplices. While raising his hand to support him, Mr. Y Thong Chi Byă was cut by the subject on his left hand, breaking two tendons in his finger.
Facing this situation, Mr. Y Rin Kuan fired a single-shot gun when the bandits fled. After that, Mr. Y Thong Chi Byă was taken to the hospital by people to have surgery to connect 2 tendons and stretching his 2 fingers and 3 left hands.
Regarding the incident, on the afternoon of December 19, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development sent a written request to the People's Committee of Dak Lak province to request the provincial Police to urgently investigate and verify and clarify subjects of anti-enforcement acts. illegal missions and illegal forest exploitation. At the same time, focusing on speeding up the investigation and handling of deforestation cases in the area to deter and educate in preventing violations.
The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dak Lak province and the People's Committee of Ea Sup district are instructing the supporting agencies to support the Don Don National Park in strengthening forest protection and management, stabilizing the population and improving the people's life in order to reduce pressure. force to the forest.

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